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Who remembers the TV show 24, with Jack Bauer?

Our family LOVED that show. I could just hear the clock counting down!! Do you hear it?

Jack Bauer had just 24 hours to solve a crime. His EVERY thought was crucial. His EVERY move was crucial. His EVERY choice was crucial. He had to unravel all the Intel he received; was it true, worth pursuing or was it substantial enough for him to catch his “man”, or save the day (which in most cases was saving millions of lives).

We, like Jack Bauer, have an opportunity to Take our 24! I said TAKE our 24!! Now, it will NOT be handed to us, We have GOT to TAKE it! We WILL be faced with ENORMOUS opportunity!!

  • Will we continue to allow our yesterdays to dictate our today’s?
  • Will we continue to just “hope” for a better today without making a conscious EFFORT to DO what We can?
  • Will we continue to speak (and or believe) negative things to ourselves AND those around us? [I’m not good enough, He’ll never change, She’ll never change – they’re a lost cause”, Heck, I’m a lost cause, I’ll never forgive myself for_____]

God is a God of New Beginnings. He say’s; …”Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? (Isaiah 43:18)

Don’t let the power of a NEW beginning get away from you!

Whatever your, _____fill in the blank____ is, DO NOT FORGET, the choice IS yours. You WILL have to choose, time and time again. Will I walk back towards the LIES or forward toward The Truth!?

Will you Believe with me, for a New Day, a New Beginning, a New 24? Will you stand WITH me and TAKE our 24?