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There’s nothing like being woken up at 3:30 am to a husband jumping out of bed because he just KNEW the dog jacked up her cage – in the worst kind of way.

I’m sure you know EXACTLY what kind of “jumping out of the bed” it is. The kind when you DASH to “save the day” of that baby in need, that kind of BOLT to the door that catches a teenager missing curfew OR, the kind of “scared out of your pants” jumping out of bed because you ‘heard a noise’.

Needless to say, its NO fun… at any time (no matter how adorable she is…. Isn’t she adorable though?).

I jumped out of bed right after my husband and as I “slowly” bolted that corner, I was SMACKED right in the face with that NASTY, HORRIBLE, VOMIT inducing smell – YUCK!! Yep, she pooped in the cage.

Now…. I had a choice…. Was I going to influence this Shift in my day or was I going to allow this Shift to influence me?

As I looked at my poor husband, walking around blind as a bat because he left his glasses on the night stand, gagging with each step that he took, I decided that it would be ME influencing the Shift, NOT the Shift influencing me!!

Mark 13:33 (The Message) say’s, “So keep a sharp lookout, for you do not know the timetable”

While this verse talks about keeping a sharp lookout for Jesus’ coming, the application fits our Daily Shift. We MUST be ready & keep a sharp lookout. Ready for what? For any Shift in our day….. because we live in world that Shifts all the time. 

Matthew 4:4 (The Message) ….. “It takes more than bread to stay alive. It takes a steady stream of the Words from God’s mouth”.

What will be your choice? To be the one influencing the Shift or Will we allow the Shift to influence us? Its not a statement, its a question.

Glo 😉