Gentlemen: “Hey, I recognize you from Potential”

Me: “Yeah, I go there. What campus do you go to”

Gentlemen: “Oh, I don’t go there no more”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that”

Gentlemen: “Yeah, I really couldn’t get to talk with the Pastor. Now; at the church I’m attending, I get to have the Pastor’s cell number in my phone”

Me: (in my head – No He did NOT just say that). “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m happily there because I get to build my relationship with God. Having the Pastor’s number is not gonna make my relationship with God grow any faster”

Can I just tell you… this “Sweatin’ the Pastor IRRITATES Me Big Time!!!

When did we forget that The Pastor is Human and he is there to DELIVER the Word of God, Not to make anyone “comfortable”, give anyone his cell phone number or be worshiped for that matter!!! Honored, Yes; Protected, Most Definitely!! Worshiped instead of God, NOPE!!

Far too many people leave the church; either because they can’t get their “hands” on the Pastor or because they can’t be “heard” by the Pastor himself. Or worse, they actually stay in the church with their arms crossed, criticizing everything the Pastor does. NEWS FLASH: If you’re not a part of the “solution”… guess what? … You’re a part of the problem!!

Yup… It IRRITATES me!!!

We have got to understand that, the ONLY way to a healthy view/relationship with our Pastor (and to know what His Role is as our Leader/Shepard) is to FIRST have a healthy view/relationship with God! When we place God in the correct position, we’ll better understand the following:

  • The Pastor IS to be Honored…… But Honor to God comes first
  • The Pastor IS to be Respected…. But Respect to God comes first
  • The Pastor IS to be Protected…. But Protection of God comes first
  • The Pastor IS to be Obeyed…… But Obedience to God comes first

“Do not worship any other god [including our Pastor], because I, the Lord, the Jealous One, am a jealous God”. Exodus 43:14 (NCV) *emphasis mine

God’s jealousy for His children CANNOT be compared to our jealousy. Our jealousy is perverted. God’s jealousy is pure. He created us for Himself [for us to Worship Him and Him ALONE].

“You shall fear the LORD your God; you shall serve Him and cling to Him, and you shall swear by His name”.       Deuteronomy 10:20 (NASB)

So… The Question we should ask ourselves is….. “Am I sweatin’ my Pastor more than I’m sweatin’ God?