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I LOVE writing notes to my kids, to my friends and to myself. You’ll see notes all over my house, because I believe, we ALL need to be reminded of a few things at times. Well, I’d like to share a note that Mia (our puppy) and I left for the kids.

Dear Mia, mommy and daddy are going away now. Your brother and sisters are promising to take very good care of you. They will do their absolute best, in following the same routine you’ve become accustomed to. However, Just in case the kids forget, please remind them of our routine with you – OK Princess?

  • I get fed THREE times a day (no, you CANNOT put all three feedings in one bowl and make it a free for all). Please make sure you adjust your schedule to my feeding times. This means, if you plan on going out at 6:30 or 7:00 pm, you’ll need to make sure that your plans are adjusted to my feeding times. I do not want to disappoint mommy & daddy by doing Kaka or pee-pee in the cage.
  • 7-8am Breakfast
  • 1-2pm Lunch
  • 6-7pm Dinner

Potty Time (not to be confused with PARTY time)

  • I do NOT go potty right after I eat. That’s a NONO!
  • AFTER I eat, mommy puts me back in my cage (yeah, I don’t like that either right now, but she’s doing it for my own good). This is usually nap time for me 🙂
  • I usually go potty between 30 minutes to an hour AFTER I eat. That’s why mommy says to schedule your day around ME (haahaa..I’m special)

Night Time

  • 2am (Yup, you read that right)
  • 4am (Yup,)
  • 6am (Oops, I said it again)
  • Now please, please, please do NOT mess this up for me. I’ve been such a good girl.. And I need help keeping up with this schedule for now. I promise, I’ll learn to hold my pee-pee & Kaka in more as I grow, but I’m a puppy right now and I need your help (my two Sissy’s & Big Brotha!)

Play Time (a.k.a. PARTY TIME)

  • I LOVE play time. But mommy and daddy always watch me like a hawk –  because I like to chew, bite and snatch things that are not mine (fun-suckers they are).
  • Please make sure you watch me at ALL times when I’m not in my cage. I don’t want to get hurt or in trouble.

Cage Time

  • This is the one that stinks the most for me right now…. But I’ve been getting so good at it and I don’t want to reverse anything I’ve been learning.
  • If I’m not being watched like a hawk, eating or going potty, I MUST, MUST, MUST be in my cage!!

Big brotha & Sissy’s, can you please help me be a good girl? I’m not big like you, and I want to do good. Will you PLEASE work TOGETHER to help me? Pretty Please?

Thank you so much,
Your Sissy Mia 🙂