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I was pumped in the morning! Had my gear on, kicks ready to go, had my plan and was ready like Freddy to EXECUTE!!!

My plan was to run outdoors as usual – because running on a treadmill just KILLS the whole running experience for me – besides – you just DO NOT get the same “results”. I’ve always felt like its a “False Start”, if you will!

As I’m about to dash out the door I was STOPPED dead in my tracks by the rain. And I did not want to run in the rain because I’m not feeling 100% and did NOT want to take any chances on getting any more sick than I am. BUT, not a problem – Hello – That’s why I have a gym membership and SO WHAT if that dreadful treadmill will be there because I’m gonna KILL IT!! Woop-Woop!!

Got to the gym, put the blinders on, looked at that treadmill and said, “I’m coming for YOU I WANT YOU!!!” “That’s Right, Its Just YOU AND ME!!” I got on that treadmill, pushed the incline up a WHOPPING 1.5 and started slow. (Yup, I read the Tortoise and the Hare, Slow and steady wins the race.) Had my water belt on (yes, I do know that the treadmill has water holders… but c’mon people… i needed to FEEL like I was outdoors.. this was ALREADY killin me), and I was OFF.

1 Mile, 2 Miles,  and at 2._9 Miles (my phone was in the way) I had to get off to GO POTTY!!! Seriously.. This is RIDICULOUS. If I was outdoors, there would be NO WAY I would have to go potty!! What is UP with this!?!?!? But, I guess it was either get off walking or get off swimming. I chose to Walk off! And as I walked off, my momentum took a HUGE hike and RAN the other way – ARGH!!

This “tiny” little detour really messed with me! As I got back on the treadmill, I could NOT focus. My head was all over the place!!

  • Are you kidding me – you need to do 5 miles today and you don’t even know where you left off. And you can’t put the GPS on like last time and think that you’ll get an accurate reading when all your doing is RUNNING IN PLACE (yes, guilty as charged… but I can laugh about that one now).
  • Just get off now… no one in here even KNOWS anything about that secret commitment you made.
  • This is crazy, you’ve been with this for weeks and you STILL have to stop every so often.

Mind you.. I continued “climbing” up… slowing down…climbing up… slowing down…


I ‘heard’ God speak to my heart, saying;

  • Girl, what’s wrong with you!? Did you NOT just encourage others NOT TO LOOK BACK?
  • Are YOU seriously looking at the 13.1 miles when I’ve asked you to take this ONE DAY AT A TIME!?!?
  • Have I not already showed you myself to be True to You!?
  • Listen up Girl, I’ve put IT IN YOU!! And NO ONE, not even YOU, can TAKE IT AWAY. Now DO NOT MAKE ME slap you upside the head with the Holy Hand!! (Yeah, God and I have THAT kind of relationship – REAL-ATION-SHIP). NOW, GET ‘ER DONE!! In MY Name, for MY Glory and in My Strength – for MY power is made perfect in your weakness and don’t YOU DARE forget THAT!!

I walked in that gym ready to take on the treadmill….. The Treadmill tried to take me out…. And I walked out MORE than a Conqueror!! HOO-RAHH!!

The enemy will infiltrate, will gather intelligence, will study our EVERY move, and will become MORE antiquated with our weakness’ than we may fully grasp. But his fate has ALREADY been determined… and in the words of MC Hammer, “Can’t touch this!

The Bible say’s: “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8 NIV)

The same way he (the enemy) prowls around, WE too MUST prowl around like a roaring lion and Devour us some Scripture. As THIS, is the ONLY way to stand Firm!

May our Hearts take Courage my friends!!

Are you Ready? Are you preparing yourself to Stand firm? HOW do you prepare?

Glo 😉