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As my mother in-law holds up her hand, gently pointing and tugging on each one as she say’s; “You see this hand? Not one finger is alike, there all different. Just like your kids. Although you have three, not all three are alike.

Wise words from a wise women.

No matter how much cream, age fighting or moisturizing, I use, all 5 fingers will still grow and look differently. One will be shorter than the others, thicker, or maybe even crooked (if you slammed it in a car door).

There all Different….

Diversity: Variety, assortment, mixture, array, variation

I truly do love having Diversity in our home. And… boy do we have Diversity!!

  • You got the one that would come up with one of those, “What if _______ would happen”. The kind that just leaves your jaw on the floor wondering, “What has gotten into this one – who are they…seriously!?”
  • You got the lawyers that will NOT stay shut – no matter what warning (yes, even the XXX). The one that has GOT to have the last word. The push the envelope type.
  • You got the one that just says something that makes you have to walk away – (so you can just bust a gut laughing hysterically) – Compose yourself, then redirect/correct.

A true representation of a different kind of Diversity; Emotional/Behavioral Diversity! Something that I’ve learned (over the years), to EMBRACE. I absolutely love my Diverse Crew the same, However, I have learned that they each require tailor fitted discipline, tailor fitted chores and tailor fitted praise. What will work on one of my Crew Members, may not work for the others.

Sounds like You and I …. Were all different ….. our behaviors/emotions/looks/obedience/disobedience… Were all different.

God loves us the same, However, He’s given us different gifts that have an essential role to play. A Role that only WE can play. He disciplines us differently (because what loving parent wouldn’t). He blesses us in different ways, He instructs us differently and He speaks to us differently.

Are we EMBRACING our place or FIGHTING? Are we upset because someone has got “more” than us; a “better” gift, blessing, children, marriage…? Are we trying to walk like someone else – in a pair of shoes that were NOT meant to even fit us, let alone to walk in? Are we so concerned about what others have that were missing out on Whats RIGHT in front of us?

Whatever our Diversity (in Gifts, Blessings, Behavior, Emotions, Hurts), God is calling EACH of us to EMBRACE our place because WE each have an ESSENTIAL role to play – one that ONLY WE can!! We ALL have something to offer – something that is ONLY ours to offer – something that ONLY WE can in a way that NO ONE else can.

Are you EMBRACING your Diversity or FIGHTING?