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OK, with ONLY two days left, Who else is OUT OF THERE FACE excited for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite days of the year. Its like, the catalyst for an end to A new beginning………. or is it The beginning to an end?

I just love it!!

Its also a time of Family, Family & More Family. Something that I SOOO enjoy – no matter how Jacked up, Dysfunctional, Sand-paper-y, Family can be,… I LOVE IT!!!

  • Its a time when you think more about ‘finishing’ out the year well.
  • A time when you may even be thinking about The New Year and the endless possibilities of how you’ll Begin the New Year.
  • A time when you begin making your Christmas list… Or Finish wrapping up Christmas gifts.

Whatever it is you start thinking about…. There’s NOTHING like the Holiday’s to get you Started.

What are you thinking about?

  • Thanksgiving dinner? (still don’t know what’s on the menu or what to bring? Menu all done, everything purchased and your waiting “around”?)
  • Where will thanksgiving be for you? Home, at a friends or family members?
  • Christmas. Don’t have a CLUE what to buy that person that has EVERYTHING? OR… Are you done & about to “wrap” things up?

Cannot wait to hear…. You tell me and I’ll tell you :p 

Glo 😉