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There’s nothing like your Internet being down to show you just how VERY much you rely on it.

And as you guessed… MY INTERNET IS DOWN 😥 Argh!!!

So… I’m “limited” to posting from my phone. Yeah.. I know. Poor me – right!? I’m mean really… Do you Feel my pain?? (Please tell me I’m not the ONLY one that starts to have the shakes when the wifi is down?)

On another note… I had a really GREAT day.. Started it out with my hubby joining me for a morning cup of joe (He usually sleeps in a little on Saturdays), we got ready for family photos, finished the photos & and started working on my AMAZING custom made island, went for a run (amazing), got ready for a God’s-Girl event with my girl Liza, came home and headed right back out to meet up with some friends that we met in St Augustine.

Phew… Tired all over again.. Just typin it.

THEN I come home to no Internet!!! What’s up with that!?!?

I’ll tell you what’s up with that… I may have TOTALLY forgotten what Mercy Spoke about at the God’s Girl event I attend just hours earlier. “Although everything screams for our attention. We CANNOT forget that God wants us to “play” for an audience of ONE, Him”.

Yes, it was a crazy busy day, but did I miss out? Was I too caught up in all the “To Do’s” that I missed out?

I don’t know about you, but there are days when, at the end of them, I I couldn’t even give you a detailed description of what my day looked like. Those are the days I miss out.

So, as my dear friend, Mercy Rice said, “Don’t miss out” on the True Reason for the season. Celebrating Jesus Christ. Give Him your To Do list and Just show up!!

Thank you Mercy… For that timely word of encouragement.

Glo 😉