My parents are snow birds and have been coming down to SFLA for some time and this year, I’ve taken the plunge, given in to peer pressure (from my dad) and hopped on a mountain bike to take on some trails in Amelia Earhart Park. Although I wiped out, almost cracked my iPhone, re-opened a gash on my leg, walked up some hills and SLID down others – I CANNOT wait to go back (Even if I do get taken by a 70 year old (my dad)).

Why did I wait so long!?!?!

Not sure why I’ve waited so long, but I’m glad that the adventure came again. I have encountered many things that speak to the adventure my heart desires to participate in, and although I may not have taken advantage of every adventure, I sure am glad that the adventures still come (new and old).

What adventures speak to your heart? Have you taken advantage of them? Or, What’s holding you back?








Glo 😉