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My girls and I had the AMAZING opportunity to go to Winter Jam 2012 in Tampa, FL, AND we got to share that experience with a Dear Friend, and her family!! (An experience is always so much funner when shared in numbers – WOOP-WOOP!!

Let me just tell you… it was CRAZY!! (the whole weekend.. but lets just chat about the concert for now). As we pulled up, the energy began to explode (inside me)….

  • There were THOUSANDS of people ALREADY waiting in line (HELLO… it was $10.00 at the door)
  • We parked (for ONLY $10.00 – HELLO), jumped out of the car and made the hike to the “end” of the line (did I mention that it was CRAZY) which was wrapped AROUND the arena.
  • The line starts moving and we make the MAD dash to the door (By this time, there’s TWELVE people in our group).
  • After making our way in, we make another mad dash to “find” some seats. Now THIS was almost the BEST part of the ENTIRE adventure. We were UP and DOWN.. UP and DOWNAGAIN & AGAIN – it was HYSTERICAL!! It actually took us about 40 minutes just to find seats that would accommodate everyone in our group.
  • The line up was SPECTACULAR, the Performances were OFF THE CHAIN, and the Message was LIFE CHANGING!

Needless to say, the weekend was an adventure!! And it was a weekend that taught me a few things.

  • You always have to be AVAILABLE to have those important conversations. (they don’t always come at the “right” time)
  • Taking the time to make memories with friends and family will ALWAYS be time well spent.
  • Colder weather makes for an AMAZING hair/makeup day.
  • Farting in the car, locking the windows and putting on the heat is NOT funny……. Its absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!
  • Relationships are worth EVERY heart-ache, belly-laugh and tear. EVERY single ONE!!
  • No matter how full of ourselves we can get (OR I can get), God will always INVITE us (ME) to cast ALL our junk (and pride) on Him. Bring it ALL to Him. He is faithful!

My weekend was filled with laughter, tears, memories (I also had a chance to visit another Dear friend in Lakeland, FL.) and more. And at EVERY turn, I was grateful to find grace.

How was YOUR weekend?

Glo 😉