Okay… what 3 things are you excited about right now? What are you most looking forward to? What was the best part of your day yesterday?

If you have trouble answering these questions, then I’m glad you’re reading this!

In case you haven’t noticed, life is extremely daily. The trouble with that is if you’re not careful, life can completely pass you by…one day at a time.

Think back to when you were in grade school. What can you remember? Can you remember each day of going to school, that weird teacher’s name, what you ate every day for lunch, who sat next to you? The odds are most of these memories have faded. It’s only the stuff we got really excited about that we remember. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed from that time to now…doesn’t it feel like the blink of an eye?

James 4:14 offers this sobering thought: “Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”

Time is ticking, God’s girl!

We make memories by making moments memorable.

No matter how mundance your day may appear (wake up – get ready for work – work – come home), God offers you a plethora of possibilities to make a difference for Him in each 24 hours. Are you excited yet? I’m waiting….

One thing you can start wit his expectancy. What are you expecting from yourself in the next few hours? What do you love? What do you want to accomplish in this season of your life? Start filling your mind with answers to these questions and expectation will follow. Expectation will birth excitement and purpose.

You can’t add a day to your life BUT you can add life to your days!

Live the Adventure!

What’s happening today that makes it different from any other day?

What are you expecting of God today?

How can you add LIFE into your day today?

Dear Father, thank you for this day! Thank you for Psalm 139 and how it lets me know every one of my days was written for me before one of them came to be. Give me Your heart for this day, Lord. Let me see the things You have set for me to accomplish. Teach me to delight in the little things and to expect big things from You.

Love, Your girl!

Guest post by Mercy Rice: Mercy is an Inspirational Communicator, Comedian and Author, finds her joy in showing women what it means to be God’s girl. Whether through her writing or her women’s events, Mercy’s approachable speaking style and quick witted humor allows the message of God’s liberating grace to flow freely. Mercy has been married to the love her life, Jeff Rice, for 23 years and describes their relationship as a fairy tale – complete with fiery pits, romantic mushiness, scary dragons to slay, and the ultimate hero – JESUS – saving the day at every turn!
The Rice family lives in Homestead, Florida.

Today’s post was taken from Mercy’s Devotional book, “The adventure’s of God’s Girl!”. You can snatch a copy HERE.