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I am COMPLETELY exhausted and I’m absolutely LOVIN it!!

This week has been OFF THE CHAIN CRAZY!!

  • Last week of training before ING MIAMI
  • Went Mountain biking with my Pops and He flew off a “hill/mini mountain” (yes, there are such things in FLA). Rushed him to Baptist Urgent Care, rescue then came and took him to a local hospital. Bottom line: Broken Clavicle – OUCH!! (I still say he did that on purpose to get out of training in the trails…haahaahaahaa)
  • Made my mom pack some stuff and get her butt over to my place.
  • Made our rounds in the Hospital.
  • Laughed, Cried, and Laughed some more.
  • Had an ABSOLUTELY, CRAZYINSANE Connect Group with some Crazy Ladies! Made me realize (again), that No matter how much we “prepare” or are intentional, God will ALWAYS show up Bigger than we could EVER imagine and put us in our rightful place. It’s ALWAYS about Him and NOT me!
  • Picked up ING Bib @ The Miami Beach Convention Center
  • Came home to find that Mia pooped in her cage – AGAIN. Little dog, little poop – Big dog, BIG POOP. Did I mention, she’s a BIG dog!
  • Dropped mom at the hospital
  • Picked up Gabby
  • Found out that Samantha slammed her hand in the trunk…. with the assistance of her considerate friend.
  • Ran to Baptist Urgent Care (Wondering if they offer frequent visitor perks)
  • X-Rays are good… just bruised … Ice it & Take Ibuprofen
  • Dropped her off to get her car (she’s fine… no worries… she still has another hand to work with)
  • Called the hubby on the way home and told him, “Babe, I cannot thank you enough for ordering dinner. I am so undeserving of such an amazing man”. He say’s, “Alrighty…I’ll start dialing”.
  • Home…. Laundry, shower, call my sister (because I could NOT, for the life of me, remember talking to her earlier…. She confirmed that I DID indeed talk to her), serve the family there gourmet dinner, laundry……… Finally shave my pits (a whole ‘nother story people. Let’s just say, its a good thing to always have a light sweatshirt in your car for those moments when you realize you didn‘t shave… AND you have a tank on :o)
  • Cook dinner for me because Mr. Lee forgot my white rice (which is the only thing that is gluten free from them)
  • See my hubby off as he heads to the hospital to hang with my parents and bring mom home when she’s ready
  • CRASH….. Well not really…. But that’s what I’ll be doing as soon as I click POST!

OH MY!!! I’m tired ALL over again!!

Why am I lovin’ this?

Glad you asked.


  • No matter how I FEEL, exhausted, tired (isn’t that the same as exhausted), Silly, lost, overwhelmed, excited, nervous,…. I do NOT have to give up my joy!
  • I do NOT have to allow those FEELINGS to dictate my next move.
  • I do NOT have to allow the FEELINGS to define me – period! (love how an exclamation point is placed right after the word period… haahaahaa…Ok, maybe that’s just me being Zooie)
  • I can CRACK up AT myself and WITH myself (not in public though)
  • I have HOPE!
  • I have HOPE!
  • I have HOPE!

“There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off” Proverbs 23:18 (NIV *emphasis mine)

Woooo-Hoooo!! I SO believe that my friend and will EMBRACE it! Out feelings will always betray us, but God’s Word NEVER WILL!

Be encouraged dear Friends….. Because No matter how chaotic your week has been, OR, CAN be, We Do NOT have to allow it to Steel our Joy!!

Tell me something. What’s been able to keep YOU in check during a chaotic time?