As I read over Mark 10: 17-25, I’m reminded that Religion will NOT save me, nor will it KEEP me.

This man that ran up to Jesus wanted to inherit eternal life (or so it seemed on the outside), But his heart was NOT in the right place.

He knew all the commandments, did the “right” things since he was young, yet still did not get it. His heart was NOT in the right place.

No matter how “good” we are, No matter how much we serve in the church (or outside), No matter how many lists we check off, No matter how BUSY we are, No matter how self-righteous we can be – NONE of it means ANYTHING if our Hearts are not positioned towards Christ. And even then, Jesus wants our Hearts, our WHOLE hearts – period. NOT some form of Religion!

Are we willing to “sell” all of our stuff…. How about get rid of it? The self-righteous attitudes… (Pointing fingers at people that are not doing things the way we’d do them, Looking down on them in our minds (thank you Lord – that I’m not where they are), Shunning them in our minds (can’t they EVER get it together!?!), Coming down hard on your teen because they can’t seem to “get it” as quickly as you got “it” – not giving them a chance to make their OWN mistakes, resenting them for the poor choices – because God-forbid if they’d shame you…….)

Are you/WE willing to get RID of our RELIGION and kick Religiosity in the TALE!?!?!?!

Jesus didn’t come for Religion, He came for our Hearts! Dare we look upon someone else and think (even for a second) that were ANY better! Dare We!

The ground at the cross is LEVEL.

Father, forgive me for making this life you’ve called me to so complicated at times. Forgive me for casting judgement on your people – no amount of works will ever give me that “right” to look down on anyone. Father, thank you for humbling me and allowing me the grace to gain some perspective and see, with a fresh set of eyes, the love that You have for Your people. Lord, I choose You and say, “to hell with religion”. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Glo 😉