Have you heard about this Voxer app?

If you have not, I SERIOUSLY HIGHLY Suggest you give it a whirl, and here’s why:

  1. Its a walkie talkie. C’mon, who doesn’t like playing with a walkie talkie. It reminds me of taking those trips to Toy’s R Us – where a kid can be a kid!
  2. It grows Relationships. Yes, text messaging has become the “new” way to communicate, but Voxer, by far, kills texting. Why? Because you truly can actually hear the persons voice, therefore, hear the emotion and truly interpret the heart behind the message (a real voice message)
  3. It holds meetings without leaving your house OR being confined to your house. Yes, there’s skype, but Voxer still Kills that one too. With Skype, you’re stuck in front of your computer or iPhone. Voxer is much more flexible.
  4. It reunites. If your Facebook friends are on voxer, or anyone in your phone book, they’ll automatically be imported to your voxer address book. It reunites because I was able to communicate with a long lost friend through voxer. Yes, I could have sent a FB message or even email probably. But Voxing was so much easier (and cooler). Press and hold, speak and deliver – BAM!
  5. Momentum. Although Voxer is under a year old, its taking our cities by storm, topping the app store and gaining a wide range of users (2.5 Million daily to be ‘exact’). Talk about momentum – BAM, BAM! Ride the wave and leverage it!!

Social Media. Amazing how far we’ve come. Does anyone remember pay phones,  how about having a house phone with a 50 cord – haahaahaahaa, Postage stamps, OR licking an envelope?

Do you Vox? How has this helped you – or has it? Your thoughts? 

Glo 😉