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Boy was I FLOORED when I got this iPad. Definitely felt undeserving of it!!

Let me explain.

My nephew stays after school on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I’ve committed to picking him up on those days (his school is literally 2 minutes from my house), but I messed up this past Thursday.


Can you believe that!? It was 5:15pm and Gabby say’s; “Mom, don’t you have to pick up Lil John”. You know how my face was right? 😮 😮 I BOLTED to the door and FLEW (yes, my car turned into a jet at that moment) to go get him. On my way I was calling his cell and no answer. My heart was pounding EVERY inch of the way, thinking; “I CANNOT believe I forgot my nephew. How could I let my sister down? Is he ok? Why didn’t he take his phone? How could I forget him?”

I got to the school. He was smiling. Teacher scolded me (I apologized and assured her its not normal practice for me to forget my nephew more than once, so it won’t happen again).

Relief. For a moment. With my heart still pounding and hysterically laughing and just about crying, I called my sister and BLURTED, ” I FORGOT MY NEPHEW…I’M SO SORRY… SIS, I’M SOOO SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I PROMISE IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN”.

And just like my sister… She laughed (because she knew that he was ok) and said; “Girl, don’t even worry about it”. Instantly I knew that I was already forgiven and our relationship was still in tack! Relief.

Then.. The next day, she gets me an iPad. WHAAAA?? I’m like; “ARE YOU CRAZY! You can’t do that, I LEFT my Nephew, I’m terrible”. She said; “Sis, I’ve already had it in my heart to do this. I’m doing it because I love you”.


Her kindness and forgiveness reminds me that of Christ’s. What a beautiful picture of unconditional love. What an amazing reflection of how Christs blesses us – even when we don’t “deserve”, even when we forget Him or am reminded of Him as an after thought.

I love you Sister!! And Tito said that If I got an iPad after forgetting John, what will he get if he throws John a beating when he misbehaves? Haahaahaahaahaaa.


Glo 😉