Psst. Can i tell you something? Can is chat with you a moment?

We have GOT TO EMBRACE OUR PLACE. Not someone else’s!

I believe, at times, (more than we ought), we covet.

Whether its those killer shoes, handbag, dress, position, husband, children, ministry, leadership style, gifts or the relationships she holds.

We Covet.

We may think that life is better on that side; her side. A side where it seems as though you were meant to live. A Side where it seems as though you would definitely be more grateful than her.

Can I tell you something ladies? We were made to EMBRACE OUR PLACE, NOT someone else’s.

God called US for a specific purpose and time. And we could be forfeiting our own call if we remain coveting – trying to embrace someone else’s place!!

This SMACKED me DEAD in the face as I was going over this question:

Search your heart before you answer this question: do you struggle with wanting your own way or wanting what someone else has? If so, write a confession to God here


I didn’t think that coveting was in my heart. How embarrassing right? Or at least that’s how satan would like us to feel. Shamed. Shamed enough to stuff it down.

Genesis 1:27God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female He created them.”

I’m sure we can all agree that what God creates is beautiful right?

Then why can’t we believe that about us?

You won’t imagine saying, “Wow, this landscape is Beautiful; breath taking…. BUT, I think God should have put pine trees instead of palm trees, an herb garden instead of annuals. Sounds silly right?

Why do we do that with US: I wish my hair was curly, straight, long, short. Oh, my butt is too big, too small, eyes too wide, I don’t have this gift (Or her gift), I don’t have this family (they behave so kindly to one another), I don’t have this husband (she doesn’t appreciate him as much as i would).

We, women, bare the Image of a beautiful God, A magnificent God, A majestic God, A compassionate God, A Loving God.

WHY WOULD WE WANT something else? Or someone else’s something else?

Genesis 2:22 “The LORD God fashioned into a women the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to man“.

We bear His image!

I loved this statement that came from a mentoring book study on Martha and Mary:

“Tied to pride are jealousy, envy and coveting. Our pride tells us, you deserve it! And when we don’t have it, we often try to take down the person who does, or w’re secretly joyful when she suffers loss,”

Coveting is DANGEROUS!

We all have a role to play in the adventure story of our lives. A role that ONLY we can fill. Dare we want someone else’s “Glory”.

No matter what wilderness we find out hearts to be in….

– Conflict
– Hurt
– Relational disappointment… from a friend… or worse, from a Christ follower

….We have an irreplaceable Role to play!

We have Got to Rise up and EMBRACE OUR PLACE!

We don’t want coveting [lust after, yearn for, to desire wrongfully] to interrupt our calling or communication with God.

God is in pursuit of us! May we not be so caught up in what everyone else is doing or what everyone else has, and miss out on all that He has for the Women He created – the women that He fashioned! YOU & ME! The women that have an irreplaceable role to play in His adventure story! The women that ARE The answer to this worlds problems. The women that are the Crown of Creation…..

Our God sure did save the best for last! Woman! (chew on that one for a while)

May we remain under the umbrella of Christ and continually place our heart before Him in our pursuit OF Him.

Are you encouraged by this? Does this raise more questions or even doubt for you?

Glo 😉