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Summer Camp 2012 is well under way for the youth at Potential Church. And man has it been AMAZING (and I only got to share one night).

Last night I had the honor of being able to join our Youth (My Gabriella), for there worship service. As I arrived, I just felt the presence of God in that place. A feeling that is unexplainable, but none-the-less VERY real. As the lobby area got flooded with teens, my heart leaped for joy as I began to see the peace that was displayed on EACH and EVERY face that I encountered. I was getting a glimpse of these teens just being them. What an honor indeed!

Then came worship (the music part). Oh how my heart continued to leap as I witnessed these kids getting FIRED at how great there God is!!

Then came more worship (the teaching part). “Flip it” is there theme… and an appropriate one at that!! Its all about flipping things right side up. Exposing the lies and covering them with the truth. Covering them with what God says.

A few lies that our teens (and we) believe are:

  1. They need to instagram there life: The enemy (devil) gets our teens (and us) to believe that we need editing. That we need to make ourselves to be like someone else or something else, just so we’ll be “liked”. The pastor went on to remind us that God sees us as who we are to Be, who we are in His eyes…. not as we see ourselves, not even as we might be at this moment. God sees the potential and calls us as such!
  2. The dreaded Like button: The enemy wants our teens (and us) to believe that being liked is more important than doing right. Oh how deceptive this is. And how crippling it is… not only for teens, but for US “adults”. How it breaks God’s heart when we regard man more than He. When were consumed with what others think, we become more susceptible to give into “small” things; which only lead to giving into much “Bigger” things.
  3. The unfriend button: The enemy wants our teens (and us) to believe that God has unfriended us because of ________________. Oh sweet friend… how this is totally opposite of God’s incomprehensible love for us. A love that is pure grace. Grace is God’s heart laid bare. Grace preserves us and covers us. Grace is the very birthright of EVERY child of God. Grace cannot leave you. “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God” Ephesians 2:8. Grace makes salvation possible (Ephesians 1:7-8).

Oh What a night!! As I left there, I was not only encouraged for our youth, but for us as well. This message is NOT teen-specific, its people specific. It applies to US all!!

I’m beyond excited about how God is working in each and every person in attendance… especially my baby. And I cannot wait to pick her up tomorrow and hear ALL about her journey.

Love you all Dearly!!

Glo 😉