I was once asked to define history. The word History. Not just my personal history… But history.. (and I was not allowed to use the definition you’d find in Webster’s Dictionary either).

Here’s how I defined history.

I first thought that History defined us…(me). I thought that it was History that shaped us… (me). But I’m dead wrong in thinking that…. especially if I believe that Jesus Christ died for my salvation and freedom. History doesn’t define me, Jesus Christ defines me. My past cannot dictate how my future will be, only Christ can do that. As I reveled in that, I then thought, History (my past & the past in general), can be a tool that I use now, for the betterment of my tomorrow.

History can be my teacher.

I/We do not have to listen to all the wrongs of my/our past. Whether it be the abandonment, rejection, isolation, loneliness, addictions, and or abuse (mentally, emotionally, physically), WE DO NOT have to allow those things to be linked, in any way, to our identity. Those may have be things that have happened TO US, but they are NOT a definition OF US.

History can be YOUR teacher too.

  • You are NOT all washed up, You ARE Washed clean
  • You are NOT forgotten, You AREchosen
  • You are NOT rejected, You AREaccepted
  • You are NOT orphaned, You ARE adopted

May you too rest in His grace. Take a sit and chill….because its seldom about our “capabilities” but ALWAYS about His immeasurable grace that He chooses to POUR out on each of us!

Just remember, because of grast it doesn’t matter what you were, it only matters where you are now… and that you are “in Hm” and that “He is in you.” -Kay Arthur “Lord, I need grace to make it today

Ephesians 2:8 NLT “God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God”

Love you dearly friend!

Glo 😉