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– My “Baby” girl just turned 14 😮 I could have sworn I was just celebrating her being 14 days and even 14 months….. But 14 years!? Wow!!!

– I’m in New York for 14 days visiting with my parents. It definitely will not be enough time, but I’m extremely grateful and will cherish every moment.

– It just about took my husband and I only 14 days (after our very first date) to decide we’re getting married. Not kidding!! I’m beyond blessed to say, that’s its been well OVER 14 years that we’ll be married. In fact, we’ll celebrate Twenty Two years this October. All thanks to God – BELIEVE you me!!!

– It’s taken be just about 14 days to write another post. Yikes!! However, I am not at all as stressed and down on me as I usually would be. And I hope you hear my heart. Yes, I do know that consistency is key, planning and intentionality. However, in-spite of me and all my short comings, God WILL do His thing – not mine. Now, I’m not suggesting that we just throw our hands up and say, “whatever”- what I am saying is, that we’d do ourselves a HUGE favor by letting go of our own agenda and allow God’s agenda to become our top priority. And what is His agenda? For Him to receive all the glory…. All the time…. Every time….

I remain absolutely honored to share with you!! I pray that you will see how great the Love of God is!!

Psalm 14:2
“The LORD looked down from heaven on the entire human race; He looks to see if anyone is truly wise, if anyone seeks God”

Seek Him my friends… Not the approval of man… Seek Him FIRST!!!