Happy Mother’s Day!!

As a mom, you may find yourself in a different season than other mom’s.

You may be in a season of rejoicing, blessings, growth, laughter and abundant joy. Or, you may be in a season of pain, rejection, loss, sorrow and worry.

No matter what season you find yourself in, I pray that you are encourage to have a God (El Roi) who sees.

He sees your pain, your joy, your difficulty, your laughter, your prodigal, your loyalty…. He sees.

  • He is not far off, He is near! He is not out to lunch
  • He’s SITTING on the throne!!
  • He’s not pacing back and forth, He’s SITTING on the throne!! 

My dear friend…. if you find yourself missing your mommy because she’s no longer with you… First, I am truly sorry for your loss; for the loss of a mother is like no other. But take heart sweet sister, because you have a God who sees and He sees your pain. He is your Comforter, your Protector and the Lifter of your Head!! Remember the good times … all those wonderful memories (no matter how big or small) and thank God for each moment!!

Happy Mother’s Day Sweet Sisters!! 

Be blessed and encouraged in The Lord!!

Glo 😉