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thanksgiving-charlie-brown-snoopyHappy Thanksgiving my sweet Friends!!

Can I just tell you? I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving. First and foremost because its surrounded by family. Secondly, its the “official” (in my book) kick off to the Christmas season 🙂 I just love it!! And if I could just share a little bit of my craziness…. I honestly feel like there should be some kind of rule for decorating. The rule would be that no one is “allowed” to decorate for Christmas until the day after thanksgiving. I really feel like we “forget” about thanksgiving if we have Christmas decorations all over. It just breaks my heart for thanksgiving and all those beautiful fall decorations. Hello!?!? You know what I mean? :p

Haahahah… I love you sweet friend!! I pray that this day is filled with tons of family, loads of laughs and tears of joy!!

Be Blessed Brothers & Sisters!!

To the praise of His glory,

Glo 😉