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Yes, I’m still here 🙂 And I have ABSOLUTELY missed you terribly!!! I pray that you are all doing well!!

And if not… I pray that this will get you to start thinking. 

This past  week I had the opportunity to meet with a friend from church that I was partnering with on an up-coming project.  While I had “business” in mind, the Lord would take me one step further.

After we discussed logistics and the dynamics of this project, we actually had some time to just chat. Although I was a bit resistance, I followed the Spirits nudge (YAY- I’m feeling them again.. or I’m actually listening AND obeying). One of the things that I learned about her is that she has a masters in psychology – wow! (immediately I thought, “oh crap, is she trying to read me now!? hahahaha. Yep, I did!) I was intrigued and thought, “why didn’t I know this”. After all, she’s currently working in a field which has nothing to do with counseling or therapy (technically). Anywho, after a few, I asked, “why aren’t you doing that anymore”. She shared something that I had to actually repeat back to her out loud and Its something that has STUCK in my head.
What was it? She said that, while she began enthusiastically with the desire to help people, she would quickly find that thread of similarity in every single case. No one wanted to change! She had the tools and the instructions on how to apply them, but no one would ever take her up on it (so to speak). No matter how much she cared for them and cried for them, people just didn’t want to change – which like I said, was the majority of all her patients.
Now, while we too may realize or “know” this simple yet profound statement, God used it in a profound way!!
As I dance with sin, or should I say, “as I CHOOSE to dance with sin”, may I realize that its a choice. A choice that say’s, “you don’t really want to change”.
Girls, my prayer is, that this too would speak to your hearts as it has mine. Our God gives us the tools – will we take Him at His word and use them – apply them?
I absolutely love you girls – BIG TIME!!
John 5:6 say’s “When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?”
Do you want to get well?