Inhale…. Exhale….. Inhale…. Exhale…..

There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus… (Romans 8:1)


The distance, the length of time that has gone by without even a peep….

Shame? Yep, a little bit if I’m gonna be transparent.

Why? Because, for me, it can only mean that my walk is not where it was when I first started this blog. Ouch!! (like a song I must sing, “no condemnation”, none!)

Just the fact that this has NOT been the first time I’ve addressed the absence is “embarrassing” enough – HELLO!!

BUT….. God, in His infinite grace has reminded me of His calling on my life. A calling, I might add, that is IRREVOCABLE (Romans 11:29)

He also reminded me that what I’ve gone through or am going through is NOT just for me. I am not alone in my struggles/worries/high’s or low’s. There are a plethora of peeps going through the same, have gone through the same or will be going through the same. 

And THAT is why I exhale and share …. Because this is NOT about me, but about a God who is in the business of transformation and redemption through the One and Only Son He sent to die a horrific death for YOU AND ME!!!

So…. If the Lord will permit, I will continue to BREATHE…. One breath at a time, Knowing full well that He’s in control of the results of me being real/sharing my story.

(Side note: I hope this makes some kind of sense… LOL… because this was seriously not scripted at all. It hasn’t been planned or even “thought” over much (as I would normally do when posting)).

Inhale…. I will bless the Lord O my soul … I will praise Him for who He is and what He continues to show me and How He continues to mold me.

Exhale… I will serve Him – even if that means being uncomfortable with others knowing a little bit more of me than I was ever willing to share (all to the praise of His glory).

Yours truly, a sister that has gone through some deep, dark, wide and tall valleys. A Sister that chooses to grip the hand of a mighty God and hold on for dear life – literally.

Until next time….. xoxo