i absolutely love my Polar watch. Not only is it totally “me”, it does some pretty cool stuff. It monitors my heart rate, tells me how many calories I burn, it even tells me how long my heart has been in “the zone ” during a workout. And, it keeps all my records so I can go back and compare. How cool is that!?!?

Now… It would be even twice as awesome if that heart rate monitor can measure my inner heart/spirit.  

But it doesn’t. 

The only way I can measure my true heart, that place that no one sees, is by keeping my heart in The Word of God. You see, The Word is a light that shines in the darkness. And as is say’s, “The heart is deceitful…” So how else could I possibly measure it – if I cannot (on my own). 

As I take another exhale, I choose to be reminded that The Word does indeed shine that light on my sin/my rebellion that I so desperately need/desire. 

If this rings any kind of bells for you… If you could totally understand what it is to NOT want to dig into The Word, only because you knew it would bring light to some things that you would have much rather kept in the dark – then look up because He’s looking down on you!!!  

#CleanHearting #Exhale #Grace